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It’s summer! School is out. Which means its hot and you have more free time on your hand, which brings about finding ways to stay cute, cool and classy! This summer, there’s a way to do it all! CUT-OUTS! Cut-outs in different styles of clothing have become very trendy and is a cute way to … Continue reading

Now Trending: Summer 2013 Accessories

Hey guys! It’s almost June 21st, which means summer will officially be here! I A lot of you are probably prepping your wardrobe for the hot summer months with the idea of trying to stay cool.    Here are some ideas of accessories that are trending for summer 2013.   I am so happy heeled … Continue reading

Essential pieces from H&M’s Collection this Season.

Invest in essential pieces to get your ultimate sharp look. (Originally posted by H&M via Facebook. Lashed Out does not own this photo.) Absolutely. Must. Love.

Are You Stoned or Trippin’ on Acid!

As you all may know, I attend Georgia State University. GSU is highly recognized for it fashionable students, along with its numerous achievements. Yes I love GSU and the different creative outfits I see each day, but lately I have been noticing fashion abuse with this acid wash/ stone wash trend. Do not get me wrong, … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: A glance at 2012 Fashion Trends

Happy 2013 everyone! Time for new year’s resolutions. That means budgeting,  losing weight to fit into that new skirt,  getting organized and focused for school or work or whatever you feel will make a better you. Yes, 2012 is gone.  It’s now a mere memory. So many things happened in 2012 whether it was good … Continue reading

5 Days of Christmas!

The holiday season is here! That means Christmas music, holiday parties and quality time with family and friends. As you head out to partake in your daily activities, you need be photo-ready, no matter the time or place. We know how difficult it could be to find the right outfit, so I put together 5 … Continue reading

Fresh for Less

Ask any man, what’s the number one thing they hate about shopping for clothes, and I guarantee your top answer’s are gonna be “It’s time-consuming”, “Can’t find what I need” and “It COST TO MUCH” !! Not long ago, we wrote a blog about shopping on a budget for women. Now its the men’s turn. … Continue reading

Fire and Desire

Take a moment to imagine, you chilling in the comfort of your own home, shopping online. It’s the best experience because you can avoid lines at the store and wasting your own gas in traffic in your car. Shopping at the mall or in stores is cool but don’t be surprised if the person is wearing … Continue reading

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