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It’s summer! School is out. Which means its hot and you have more free time on your hand, which brings about finding ways to stay cute, cool and classy! This summer, there’s a way to do it all! CUT-OUTS! Cut-outs in different styles of clothing have become very trendy and is a cute way to … Continue reading

The Battle of the Brows

There’s nothing more horrid than having a bush above your eye that looks as if it needs trimming and taming, or is there? That glorious bush that can make or break the seductiveness of your eyes. Yes, ladies, we are taking about your eyebrows. The brows does so much to add to your beauty. These … Continue reading

Beauty Tips: Control the Shine

Today we are going to pull away from fashion and talk about beauty. Do you have the “shiny face syndrome?” Have you touched your face only to find loads of oil on your hands? If you answered yes, don’t worry oily skin is normal but it’s a hassle to get under control!  Even when you … Continue reading

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