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NYFW just made history! Eden Miller, the first designer that caters to plus size women, showcased her line Cabiria for NYFW, which was launched in April. Her show was funded by the Fashion Law Institute, after being recognized unexpectedly and receiving good reviews.

Eden Miller perfected cuts and silhouettes, in many different prints, to fit a plus size woman . Her secret–scaling up the prints to fit a plus size woman, the way smaller prints would fit a smaller woman. Miller said, “If you have a bigger body, you shouldn’t pretend you are a tiny person…there’s no point.”

As a plus size woman, I understand how important it is to other women, as it is to me, to be represented in high fashion. We are very ignored in the fashion industry. To me, a large segment of the women in the world are ignored because not every one is a size 0, and this hurts our society because so many women have low self-esteem and even go as far as self-inflicted harm and suicide because they aren’t that idea girl. We are limited to our clothing selections. The average woman is a size 14. But when there are only 2 size 12’s or 14’s delivered to a store per shipment, the availability of clothing is skewed towards the minority of women. As Refinery 29 said, this is “truly one small step for style, one giant leap for plus acceptance.

Hopefully this breakthrough will bring acceptance of the average woman. So thank you Eden Miller for representing the average woman.



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