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The Battle of the Brows

There’s nothing more horrid than having a bush above your eye that looks as if it needs trimming and taming, or is there? That glorious bush that can make or break the seductiveness of your eyes. Yes, ladies, we are taking about your eyebrows. The brows does so much to add to your beauty. These random patches of hair the Creator gave you were given to you, with hope of daily maintenance, not as a canvas for drawing.

There are several different types of eyebrows:

1.) The Beast AKA Bushwick 

2.) The One AKA the UNIBROW very similar to the GOLDEN ARCH. 

3.) The Failed Artist (this has many different types)

4.) The Unknows (Oh No’s) 

Shall I continue?… (Don’t Ask)

The Perfect Brows: 

A lot of people struggle to create that perfect brow. I know we all aren’t artist, no even myself, but there are many ways to create that perfect brow, that are easy and inexpensive.

1.) The Arch

First and foremost, the main and most important component, the arch You need a well established foundation, called a perfect brow. To get a great arch, you can do it the traditional way with a razor and tweezers, or you can get them waxed or threaded. Personally I prefer waxing and tweezing (Painful, I know).

Please when doing either of these methods, be sure you know what you are doing or go to a professional that you trust because once you mess up an eyebrow, It’s not easy fixing it, that is, if it’s fixable.

To tell if your arch is perfect, measure them. There are specific quadrants in which each section of the brow fall into to create that perfect focal point with your eyes. To measure, you can uses the side of a eyebrow pencil, shadow brush or a ruler if your’re that extreme. In the first quadrant, measure from the side of your nose up up to your brow.

This is where the brow should begin. Then take the pencil from the nose tip across the pupil of your eye. This is where your arch should be.  Thirdly, take the pencil and measure from the tip of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. This is where the brow should end. Lastly measure beneath the eye from the beginning of the brow to the end of the brow. This measurement should create an imaginary straight line.

It is very critical to have the perfect arch. It makes or breaks they brows. Imperfect arches can ruin your face for a couple of weeks or maybe even a month or so.

2.) Filling-In

Filling in the eyebrows is technique used to create fuller eyebrows. **Note there is difference between filling in and plastering liner and shadow.**

The best way to fill in eyebrows is to use your foundation. You will probably need the following tools, a good liner or brow pencil, and concealer that matches your complexion, brow shadow or a dark eye shadow, again one that matches the pencil, an angled brush, a  concealer brush, a brow brush and possibly tweezers.

First, use the pencil to outline the arch of the brow. DON’T MAKE THE OUTLINE HEAVY.

Secondly, use the brow shadow or eye shadow to fill in the brow with the brush (sometimes, I cheat and use light penciling instead of shadow because my eyebrows are naturally thick). Then I use the brow brush and tweezer to create a smooth and trimmed brow to maintain any unruly hairs.

Thirdly take the concealer and concealer brush to clean up the top and bottom of the brow.  This will create a clean brow. DON’T over do the concealer and don’t use white or gold eye shadow to replace the the concealer. If you would like to high light the brow, use a highlighter. I sometimes use a primer to help highlight my brows. Here’s a picture of how my brows look.

I also found this great how-to video of creating the perfect brows. I hope this helps tremendously! Enjoy Ladies!



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