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Beauty Tips: Control the Shine

Today we are going to pull away from fashion and talk about beauty. Do you have the “shiny face syndrome?” Have you touched your face only to find loads of oil on your hands?

If you answered yes, don’t worry oily skin is normal but it’s a hassle to get under control!  Even when you wear makeup the product is sliding off your face causing you to reapply. Oily skin is not a hindrance but a matter of knowing what works for your face.

Here are some helpful products  to control the shine:

  • Milk of Magnesia-This will fight the acids in your body, which produces the oily shine on your face. Milk of Magnesia controls the oil and helps fight acne as well. You can even apply as a primer.
  • Witch Hazel-This is the old-fashion toner but it works!  Witch Hazel acts as a sebum, which is an oil produced by the sebaceous glands in your skin to prevent dryness. When you apply on your face or T-zone area the sebum-mimicking compound in the witch hazel,your skin believes it has enough oils already. This also shrinks pores!


  • Rubbing alcohol- It’s an astringent and helps dry out your face temporarily. Only apply a little because the smell is strong.
  • Blotting papers-Helps absorb the oils on your face through out the day.
  • NO MOISTURIZERS- Sorry ladies…you may think you need it but your face has enough moisture already. So why apply more. It’s only clogging your pores.

When applying make-up on oily skin you need to be extra careful to avoid breakouts. So here are some helpful pointers to add to your everyday make-up routine.


  1. Prep+Prime-A good primer helps for long lasting makeup for eyes and face. And controls a shining face. Try your local drugstore for inexpensive primers or if you want to splurge try a higher end product like Mac.
  2. Chill out on Powders!-From experience, I used to over do it with powder. Too much powder results in your face producing too much oil.
  3. Matte or Oil Free- For oily skin make sure the make-up labels read oil-free and use matte products to control a shiny face.
  4. Mac Fix Plus- This is optional. You can apply before or after your makeup. It’s light and misty and acts as a moisturizer without clogging your pores.

I hope this is helpful and remember to drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet to cut down on oily skin. What are your remedies to control oily skin? Share with us and comment down below.



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