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Are You Stoned or Trippin’ on Acid!

As you all may know, I attend Georgia State University. GSU is highly recognized for it fashionable students, along with its numerous achievements. Yes I love GSU and the different creative outfits I see each day, but lately I have been noticing fashion abuse with this acid wash/ stone wash trend. Do not get me wrong, I love this trend, but again some people have been abusing this trend with a couple of fashion “no-no’s” For instance, I know some people say “double denim is no longer a fashion crime” but it is to an extent when it comes to acid washing. I am from Alabama, the heart of the Dixie…Country at its finest, but even we know this law. People fail to realize how much of a hillbilly they begin to resemble when they wear. This isn’t fashionable people.


Let’s note the difference between stone wash and acid wash.

Stone washing is the use of pumice while washing the denim fabric in a rotating drum or the use of chemicals to create the same effect without the rotating drum. It was popular in the 70’s.post2

Acid Wash is the same technique with chlorine added. It became popular in the 80’s.


So here are some idea’s for those who love this trend but needed ideas on how to rock it and as always, feel free to make purchases if you see anything you like 🙂

How to pair Acid-Washed Jeans
How to pair Acid-Washed Jeans by cbrewer featuring retro hair accessories
stonewashed/acid washed jacket
stonewashed/acid washed jacket by cbrewer featuring a leather shoulder bag
Acid-Washed Button Down
Acid-Washed Button Down by cbrewer featuring a denim waistcoat
acid-washed/stone-washed for men
acid-washed/stone-washed for men by cbrewer featuring boy london


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