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Aye Aye Captain Minaj!

It is no secret that Nicki Minaj is an odd character or known for her tasteless fashion. BUT! There is a reason why Lashedout is acknowledging her presence. As you may know, Nicki Minaj is one of the four judges on American Idol. She is out-of-place on the judging panel but surprisingly I love her on the show. I adore her colorful personality and if you can overlook her pink lips and big wigs, she is actually giving good critiques to the people who are auditioning for Idol.

The first couple episodes on American Idol, Nicki is reppin’ these lavish captain hats. She commands the attention on the show. I did my research and found out Nicki did a custom-made collaboration with Butch Diva and it was handcrafted by Opio. The main designer for Butch Diva is Tiffany Rhodes and she describes the meaning of the name stating, “Butch was an expression of androgyny, boldness, masculine aggression, and a tough edge, and Diva is sexy, feminine, boss, and in control”. The brand has been featured on Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries), Elle Varner and Lil Kim. In 2010, Butch Diva was picked up by Patricia Field, who was costume designer for Sex and City, and exclusive pieces were launched in Patricia’s store.

Picture 1

Captain/sailor hats is not yet a trend but I thing Nicki is on to something. Wearing these hats on American Idol is sure to get someone’s attention. Well…she got my attention! With the right hairstyle, accessories, and clothes I think I can pull off one of the Butch Diva hats. What do you think about her hats? Check them out and comment your thoughts down below.

For more information about Butch Diva click here http://butchdiva.bigcartel.com/ and stay tune every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm to watch American Idol.



One thought on “Aye Aye Captain Minaj!

  1. i love your hats nicki form kamoney$ coment me back .

    Posted by kamoney$ | December 1, 2015, 10:40 pm

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