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Blast from the Past: A glance at 2012 Fashion Trends

Happy 2013 everyone! Time for new year’s resolutions. That means budgeting,  losing weight to fit into that new skirt,  getting organized and focused for school or work or whatever you feel will make a better you. Yes, 2012 is gone.  It’s now a mere memory. So many things happened in 2012 whether it was good or bad, your life was moved in some sort of way. Unforgettable moments that can be cherished years later, including some iconic, fashionable memories  in 2012.

Filled with leather, baroque, deep colors, peplum, pleats, color blocking, Oxford’s and pajama pants, who can forget the trends of 2012. Whether it was pleated and pretty, peplum and posh or dark  in baroque or goth in leather, it was a very interesting yet creative year in fashion.

Hate them or love them, these were the  trends of 2012. Check out 2012’s Fashion Trends below:

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