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Fresh for Less

Ask any man, what’s the number one thing they hate about shopping for clothes, and I guarantee your top answer’s are gonna be “It’s time-consuming”, “Can’t find what I need” and “It COST TO MUCH” !!

Not long ago, we wrote a blog about shopping on a budget for women. Now its the men’s turn.

A lot of men say its hard to find what you want or something trendy at a good price. Now of course we know men’s sneakers, a tailored blazer, loafers, etc are a bit pricey but if you want quality, you’re gonna pay for it. With men’s clothing, more than likely, if the price tag is cheap, you’re going to look cheap. BUT, there’s an exception for that; a small window of hope.

I decided to create a budget of $200-250, and put together some outfits that is currently trending.  These outfits can be altered to fit your own liking if you choose so. I found some items that can be added a man’s wardrobe, to be used for multiple outfits and occasions.

Enjoy Guys!!

**If you would like to purchase any of the items below, feel free to click on the links below.
Light Up the Night** men
Light Up the Night** men by cat-brewer featuring leopard print vans sneakers. This outfit is idea for a night when you just want to kick it and have a little fun. I was inspired by the “Rocker” trend, similar to the that of Wiz Khalifa.  Bold colors, prints and spikes are becoming trendy. I know some guys maybe skeptical about the leopard print but its all about what you pair with it and how you say it.

Studded vest

Vans sneaker
$105 – generalpants.com.au


Coffee Break**for men
Coffee Break**for men by cat-brewer –This outfit is for those days in the office or out on business. Its more casual. I was inspired by Idris Elba and Tyrese. Its more of a grown, sexy and sophisticated but about the business kind of feel. My splurge piece was the Michael Kors wool peacoat; a blazer can also take the place of the coat. A coat or blazer can dress up any simple white button down/black tie and slacks combo. 

Campus Fly**for men**
Campus Fly**for men** by cat-brewer— This outfit is for everyday occasions such as class, doctor visits, running to get some food or hanging out with a group of friends at the mall. I was inspired by Drake to create a look that was trendy, yet laid back and comfortable. This includes a fatigue coat, which can be found a thrift stores, straight jeans and a trapper hat. 

Military coat

Trapper hat


Dr Denim Pete Shirt
$81 – nelly.com


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