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Perfectly Imperfect: A Look into Elle Varner’s Fashion


Tribal print Teacup mini-dress by Patricia Field with vibrant orange blazer and gold booties in her debut video “Only Wanna Give it to You.”

Elle Veezy aka Elle Varner, one of the hottest, unique R&B singers today. She’s very soulful, she has a very positive vibe, she’s humble and she’s GORGEOUS! Not only are her lyrics unique, her vivacious fashion says a lot on its own. Elle Varner’s is an up and coming fashion icon! The 22 year old singer is full of fun and vibrant colors. Her fashion speaks for her, she is bold and fun, yet elegant and classy. She is “the definition of Fly”. The Los Angeles Native loves fashion just as much as I and its very inspiring to see someone speak my life in every aspect, whether it be music or fashion. Not only is she loved by me, but she’s love by one of the most iconic women in the 21st Century, 1st Lady Michelle Obama. (I think its safe to say we are all “Elle”phants [Elle Varner fans]) Kudos to Elle Varner! Her fashion is definitely LASHED OUT!!


Conversational Lush* Here Elle wears a royal blue maxi dress paired with leopard belt and Pink leopard print and orange heels.


Elle Varner is wearing a bold, playful printed wind-breaker, paired with fun accessories to match the vibe.


Here, Elle is rockin’ a royal purple and black bodycon dress paired with neon yellow earrings and a fun pink lip.


Gorgeous as always, Elle is rocking a black lace top, neon yellow leggings, with black graffiti print and black booties.



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