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Fashion Breakdown: Ciara “Got Me Good”

First before you read, click the link to watch Ciara “Got Me Good” music video

Did you notice Ciara was TURNT UP! This is the best video I’ve seen from Ciara since “Gimmie Dat”! I have to give props where it is due. This song is catchy and she uses the rhyme My back is achin’, my bra too tight, my hips are shakin’ from left to right”, which is clever. Next the dancing, it is ON POINT! But Ciara never disappoints when it comes to moving all over the place. Ciara is giving me Janet Jackson “You Want This”  with the whole desert scene and female dancers but Ciara held her own. And if you are ABDC fan, Ciara featured  the talented  fierce dancers, 8 Flavahs. Now beside the music video being awesome, we can translate the fashion in the video for everyday wear.

First lets look at Ciara…

Ciara is wearing an  all  white clean look, with crop top and pants with white sneaks.  With an all white attire you too can pull off the same look but add in your own personal detail to make your outfit pop. I’m sure you are thinking it’s after labor day and you are not suppose to wear all white  but I’m a believer in wearing white anytime, anyplace and anywhere. The key to wearing white is adding features from a scale from all plain to fierceness.

Untitled #59

Next outfit evaluation are the female dancers…

I know these girls are young but us females can use this style to translate into our wardrobe…

and in this case it is about layering your clothing.  Using black, gray and white color sequence. Below are just ideas but make sure to  twist it into your own personal style and have fun with it.

Untitled #60

If you would like the break down of each set as far as prices click on  All White Attire and Layer Up  on polyvore.com 

*Lashed Out Blog does not own Ciara’s “Got Me Good”video. All rights reserved to Epic Records, Vevo and Ciara herself*


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